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Ducted Installations

Ducted Installations

Queensland homeowners love ducted air conditioning systems and so do we! Whether it be a new or existing dwelling, Functional Air QLD have the expertise to help. Not only do our ducted air conditioning solutions provide clients with the best cooling experience but also offer maximum energy efficiency.

With new age technology and correct zoning, ducted systems are a very efficient way to cool your home/business. As an owner of a new ducted system, you will have the advantage of cooling your entire home or individual zones.

Ducted systems are a discreet and unobtrusive way of cooling or warming a home. With individually zoned temperature control features, ducted systems provide increased energy efficiency.

Functional Air QLD works with high quality brands, with great warranties to ensure longevity of your system.

For the ultimate cooling solution we can pair ducted inverters with an Advantage Air zone control system, such as the MyAir5. If you would like to learn more and discuss if a ducted system is right for you, call us for a free quote today!

Benefits of Ducted Systems:

• Capacity:
Ducted systems are sized to meet the needs of individual spaces and have the capacity to cool larger spaces.

• Zoning:
Zoning allows clients to designate a room or multiple rooms that need to be cooled, this ensures energy is not wasted on cooling unoccupied ‘zones’.

• Individual Temperature Controlled Zoning:
There are many zoning options these days, one being individually zoned temperature controls, enabling you to set different temperatures in different zones of your home.

• Smart Control:
Smart Control gives clients the ability to adjust temperature settings and switch zones on and off remotely via an app on a smart device.

• Aesthetically Pleasing:
Ducted systems are a great choice when keeping interior design in mind. There is a range of different grilles to suit your design needs.

Split System Installations

Split System Installations

If you are in need of an energy efficient system with a moderate budget in mind then look no further than a split system air conditioner with Functional Air QLD. We offer split system air conditioning for domestic and commercial use.

Split Systems are a great option to cool or heat a single room or area of your home. They are a popular choice thanks to being energy efficient and have a great
cooling capacity for their price point. There are a range of split systems on the market. At Functional Air QLD we can help you choose the split system that is
right for your home.

Split Systems are air conditioning units that are split into two components, the indoor unit, and the outdoor unit which contains the compressor and is usually in
a discreet location outside your home.

Our team are not only qualified to install your split system air conditioner but due to having all relevant licensing requirements we can also repair and maintain your split system air conditioners.

We are partnered with leading brands in the air conditioning industry. We choose
to use reputable brands to ensure our clients are getting reliable service from their air conditioners for many years to come.

At Functional Air QLD we are extremely confident in our installation quality, and to ensure you also have complete peace of mind, all installations come with
manufacturers and an installers warranty (T&Cs apply).

Call us now for a free quote!

Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Servicing

When was the last time you had your air conditioner serviced? And now ask yourself, when was the last time you had your car serviced? Scheduled servicing keeps your car running reliably, maintains your warranty, and your air conditioner
is no different! Whether you are a; homeowner, landlord or running a business from a commercial space, contact Functional Air QLD now to begin an Annual Maintenance Plan to avoid costly repairs and maintain your warranty.

Brisbane is known for having a humid, warm climate; and with these two elements comes high use of our air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, systems can be a perfect home for mould, dust and other nasty particles. Therefore, proactive servicing reduces the need for repairs and significantly improves the air quality
of your home.

Benefits of Routine Servicing:

Improves hygiene and air quality
Increase unit performance
Ensures units are energy efficient
Maintains manufacturer’s warranty
Reduces the risk of costly repairs

At Functional Air QLD, we pride ourselves on the standard of our services, we do
not provide simply a ‘wipe down service.’ With every service we include a deep antibacterial clean on all brands of air conditioning split systems.

Contact our friendly team to book your service in today!

Air Conditioning Repairs

Air Conditioning Repairs

Has your air conditioning system stopped working? Have you noticed that it is not as cool as it use to be? Has the air flow reduced or become stale? Is there water leaking from the unit or have you noticed strange noises coming from the system?
These are just some of the common signs that your air conditioning system may need some attention.

We understand the importance of a working air conditioner not only to maintain comfortable temperatures but also to improve air quality and aide with humidity

It is vital that you choose a qualified air conditioning technician to check each component of your system to guarantee no further damage to the unit and ensure the safety of your family/clients. Whether it be a split system, ducted system or a package system, Functional Air QLD has the qualifications and skillset to
diagnose and repair all air conditioning brands in your home or your commercial space.

Building & Commercial

Building & Commercial

Our director, Rhys, has considerable experience in the design, procedures and installation of commercial contracts. We proudly work in partnership with leading air conditioning brands and continually are being updated with their latest air conditioning equipment.

A well designed and efficient commercial air conditioning system is vital to your commercial space and business. At Functional Air QLD we understand the importance of high-quality units and installations to ensure they are servicing the
bigger spaces which are used more frequently and run more often.

Each commercial setting is unique. Whether it be a high wall split system, ducted system, ceiling cassette or a floor console, our team will ensure the individual needs of your space are met.

Functional Air QLD are fully licensed and insured to complete your commercial projects.

Call or email us today for professional and reliable advice.

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Are you a Property Manager and looking for a reliable and honest air
conditioning mechanic to service all of your repair, maintenance and installation needs? Look no further than our team at Functional Air QLD, a fully insured and licensed air conditioning company who are quickly becoming a trusted air conditioning company for real estates in Brisbane and Brisbane’s North.

We pride ourselves on customer relations and high standards of work. We understand the importance of communication and prompt service to ensure
properties have working air conditioning systems. Our friendly, transparent and open lines of communication along with our quality of work, makes Functional Air QLD the perfect contractors for your agency!

How we can help you:
• Preventative maintenance
• Annual service plans
• Fault identification, including thorough reports for your landlords
• Repairs and replacements
• New installations

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a time to meet. Email us at

“We contacted Functional Air QLD to investigate the broken ducted system in my shop. Rhys was super friendly and took the time to listen to my concerns about the AC. The team were very prompt at quoting, and the issue was identified quickly. We needed parts from overseas and Rhys did everything he could to ensure the problem was fixed ASAP. Highly recommend the team at Functional Air QLD!

– Chloe